Women Running for Office

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In a time when women make up more of the United States population than men, women are still disproportionately represented in local, state, and the federal governments.

2018 could change this.

At the federal level, more women have filed for Congress and Senate seats than any other year. In states all around the nation, there are more women running for state seats than ever before. While still outnumbered by the amount of men filed to run, this is a huge election year for women. Florida is no different.

This is a powerful year for women to stand up and show that they will not be treated differently than the men in this country. Women are standing up in response to Trump’s less-than-conventional presidency and the growing distrust in this country’s political system. It is vital that the rest of the state stands in solidarity with this movement. It is important that we elect many of these activists running for office.

As voters, we have the responsibility to show the rest of the state and the country that this government can change and fulfill the job it was originally set out to do. Showing up to vote shows that we will not stand for the current political climate – that we demand change. That is the power behind the elections of 2018.

Citizens in Florida hold a lot of power. However, this power is wasted unless voters get registered and show up at the polls in August and November of this year. Florida must show that we stand in solidarity with the growing progressive movement across the country and that the voice of our state will not be silenced.
Taylor Brandt – contributing writer

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