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Local Government Tracking

While much of our attention is on the federal government these days, it is very important to know what is going on right here in our local Florida government.  There are always new bills being debated in our local counties and districts that we need to learn about. Our local leaders are accessible to us for meetings and conversations so that we can influence what is going on in our backyards.

Two websites that can help guide you to getting to know your local representatives are: to learn who your State Senator is out of the 40 Florida Senate districts, and to learn who your House of Representatives leader is out of the 120 Florida House districts.

These websites help you learn about the people who represent you and how they vote or have voted on issues that are important to you. You can research past or upcoming bills and laws and learn how the Florida legislature works.  Information on how to write, call or schedule a meeting with your representatives is included.

Take the time to learn about these state leaders and how they are voting on your behalf. Check out these websites and get involved! The new session starts March 7, 2017 so let your legislator know how you want them to vote!



  1. Thanks so much for all you have done! With some of our senators hiding out refusing to attend town halls or meet with constituents, things are more difficult. Does anyone know how public can see their schedules? (Events, travel, when they are home?). We may need to get more creative (thinking about Rubio here in Florida).

    • Hi Laura!

      Thanks for stopping by. The best way to see their travel schedule is to sign up for your member of Congress newsletter. So Rubio, Nelson, and whomever your representative is. Also, as we find out about them, they’ll be posted on the event calendar. You can find that at

      Have a great day!

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