Predicting a Trump Impeachment

April of this year saw the publication of a much-anticipated book, The Case for Impeachment. Written by Allan J. Lichtman, Distinguished Professor of History at American University in Washington, DC. Lichtman, who correctly predicted the winners of the last 8 presidential elections, including that of 2016, now predicts in his new book, the removal of Donald Trump from office.

The Case for Impeachment starts off with a very detailed look at Federal laws, the U.S. Constitution, the history of presidential removal attempts, and Donald Trump the man, as well as president. From there, the book carefully outlines what the author sees as all the possible reasons Mr. Trump will not last as leader of the United States. But, Professor Lichtman generously offers the president a specific plan to avoid such a fate if he so chooses. Unfortunately for Trump, however, Lichtman predicts almost no chance of that happening.

Why Trump Won’t Last

Donald Trump . . .

  1. . . . and/or his close associates, colluded with the Russians.
  2. . . . has violated the “Separation of Powers” established for the U.S. government by the constitution.
  3. . . . continually puts himself above the law and has abused his authority.
  4. . . . and his family’s intricate and far-flung business ties run afoul of the Constitution’s
  5.       Emoluments Clause prohibiting a president and other federal officials from profiting by doing business with foreign governments.
  6. . . . broke/twisted the law during his pre-presidential days such as:
    • Violating the Fair Housing Act.
    • Running a fraudulent charity.
    • Doing business with Cuba contrary to U.S. law.
    • Operating a fraudulent university.
    • Exploiting undocumented immigrants.
  1. . . . has an ugly problem with the truth that makes him untrustworthy domestically and internationally.
  2.  . . has severe problems in relation to women.
  3. . . . wages war against the federal judiciary.
  4. . . . flagrantly ignores the proven concerns about the environment.
  5. . . . appointed people to key government posts who are committed to destroying the missions of those departments.
  6. . . . puts his political party in jeopardy for future elections because of public resistance, low polling numbers and not being able to accomplish legislation.
  7. . . . will alienate enough Republicans in Congress to make his removal possible.
  8. . . . will lose enough votes for Republicans in the 2018 congressional elections to Democrats who will most likely support impeachment.
  9. . . . has an unhealthy attachment to dictatorial leaders in other countries.
  10. . . . has made unauthorized use of congressional staff members.
  11. . . . constantly fights with the press and demeans them.
  12. . . . puts not only the United States at risk of war involvement and nuclear destruction, but the entire world as well. 

How Trump Can Escape Impeachment

Even though Lichtman says that Trump is a threat to the “institutions and traditions that have kept the United States free and safe for 230 years,” here is his simple plan for the president to become less destructive and remain in office:

  1. Divest himself of all business holdings.
  2. Support the goal of a carbon-free world and rejoin the Paris Accords.
  3. Add a shrink to the White House staff and counsel with that person regularly.
  4. Use a fact-checker.
  5. Treat women with dignity and respect.
  6. Curb the Mussolini act.
  7. Steve Bannon, you’re fired.
  8. Protect your legacy by doing the right things.

But it is Allan Lichtman’s one comment that clearly predicts the future for President Trump: “I predict that he (Trump) will continue to operate as a rogue president, basing the case for impeachment on the Nixon model for abuse of power.” And just perhaps, that would result, like Nixon, in a Trump resignation under extreme fire. 

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  1. Thank you for the hope in what has to be the darkest period of the country’s history. Never thought I’d be wishing for a god to pray to. #atheist

    • You are most welcome, Sharon. Hope is indeed a wonderful thing, especially right now. Great to see the Mueller indictments coming out on the heels of that article, eh? Hang in there. The long night of this govenmental horror will eventually leave us. It has to.

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