Do Words Matter About Trump & His Administration?

As the deep distaste and alarm with which the presidency of Donald Trump is viewed by a majority of Americans grows in intensity, more and more people are joining them in their outlook. Polls reflect this trend and a closer look at a collection of words swirling around this administration like the arms of a hurricane paint a most unflattering picture.

Some of those words, taken by themselves, and in other contexts, might well be innocuous, but given what things this president has said and done, color them in very interesting ways. Words matter, and in the case of Donald Trump and his administration, those words flow not only from a dissatisfied public but also from solid segments of the United States government, highly knowledgeable former government officials, academia, think tanks, public service organizations, the media, and even world leaders.

Fair or not, in some instances, it is the impression these words leave on the mind when taken as a whole. And within such a developing negative collective consciousness might well lie a restlessness that could eventually change the political landscape in the United States in ways yet to be imagined. Time will tell.

But until then, listed below are 100 such words, out of countless others, that indicate a strong Trump presidency related focus in the minds of many. See what your reactions are to them, first, individually, and then as a complete package. Finally, regardless of your political persuasion, or whether or not you voted for Donald Trump, ask yourself this question: where do I see all this taking us in the future if left unchecked?

NOTE: Some words are linked to online sources, mostly Meriam-Webster Dictionary, for purposes of clarity and even in a couple of cases, as an aid to pronunciation. 

  1. Alarming
  2. Alienation
  3. Alt-right
  4. Appeasement
  5. Authoritarian
  6. Arrogant
  7. Autocrat
  8. Bellicose
  9. Belligerent
  10. Bigot
  11. Blowhard
  12. Bombastic
  13. Breitbart
  14. Buffoon
  15. Bully
  16. Chaos
  17. Charlottesville
  18. Clueless
  19. Collusion
  20. Complicit
  21. Conspiracy 
  22. Corrupt  
  23. Cover-up
  24. Crazy
  25. Dangerous
  26. Delusional
  27. Demagogue
  28. Destructive
  29. Dictator
  30. Disarray  
  31. Discord   
  32. Disgusted
  33. Disheartened
  34. Dishonest
  35. Distraction
  36. Distrust   
  37. Egocentric
  38. Embarrassing
  39. Emoluments
  40. Erratic
  41. Fascist
  42. Facts
  43. Grandiosity
  44. Groupthink   
  45. Hyperbole
  46. Idiot
  47. Ignorant
  48. Immigration
  49. Impeachment
  50. Inappropriate
  51. Incompetent
  52. Infighting
  53. Inflammatory
  54. Instability
  55. Intolerant
  56. Investigations
  57. Isolation
  58. Judgement
  59. Klan
  60. Kleptocracy
  61. Leaks
  62. Liar
  63. Loyalty
  64. Meddling
  65. Megalomaniac
  66. Misdirection   
  67. Misogynist
  68. Morality
  69. Mueller
  70. Muslims
  71. Mussolini
  72. Narcissist
  73. Neo-Nazi
  74. Nepotism
  75. Oligarchy
  76. Outrageous
  77. Pardon
  78. Populist
  79. Racist
  80. Russia
  81. Sexist
  82. Shocking
  83. Sociopath
  84. Sycophant
  85. Tantrums
  86. Treason
  87. Turmoil
  88. Tweets
  89. Tyrannical
  90. Unbalanced
  91. Undisciplined
  92. Unethical
  93. Unfit
  94. Unhinged
  95. Unraveling
  96. Unqualified
  97. Unstable
  98. Volatile
  99. Xenophobic
  100. War

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  1. This is an amazing article! Pulling all these words together in one place gives me great insight into the horrendous man we call President. It makes me more determined to fight him and his cronies. Thank you Doug!!

    • Hey Susan. Many thanks for the kind words. Yeah, it does sort of put a fine edge on the reasons for resistance, doesn’t it? Now for an article on Trump’s use of words, if I can stomach doing it.

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