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Border Wall

July 1, 2017 Kathy 0

Workers are getting started on President Trump’s border wall — or really, as many as eight of them. The concrete walls are experimental prototypes of the much larger one the Trump administration plans to build on […]

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Health Care Hijacking

June 11, 2017 Kathy 0

REPUBLICANS ARE NEGOTIATING IN SECRECY.The Senate is trying to do what the House of Representatives did in May: jam through its TrumpCare bill in secrecy, without public hearings, without a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score, […]


Florida and Climate Change

June 6, 2017 Kathy 0

What are the climate change signs in Florida? In Florida one can not see glaciers receding or ice caps melting. There are no dinosaur cemeteries. However we do have scientific evidence of changes.The Earth’s climate has changed […]

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Trump still “hiding” his tax returns

May 20, 2017 Kathy 0

Show us your taxes – the battle cry so many have sung! Why is this such a big issue. “What tax rate is he paying? What deductions and loopholes is he taking advantage of? How are the […]

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A Timeline of Trump–Russia Connections

May 12, 2017 Kathy 0

​The following are excerpts from the Lawyers for Good Government ArticleLawyers for Good Government (L4GG) was created on Election Night 2016 to harness the energy, passion, and talents of the legal community, to fight for a […]

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James Comey You’re Fired – Your MOC’s statements

May 12, 2017 Kathy 0

​ Quick Navigation ​District 6 – Ron DeSantisDistrict 7 – Stephanie MurphyDistrict 8 – Bill PoseyDistrict 9 – Darren SotoDistrict 10 – Val DemingsDistrict 11 – Daniel WebsterDistrict 15 – Dennis Ross Senator Marco RubioSenator Bill […]

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American Health Care Act and your MOC

May 3, 2017 Kathy 2

Hot topic that needs action! Call your Members of Congress. We need a health care plan that works for all.Reminder – pre-existing conditions, can be allergies, diabetes, hypertension, cancer,  previously broken bones and muscle strains, […]