Indivisible is a nationwide movement that is united by one goal- to stop Donald Trump’s agenda from becoming reality.

The guiding principles of Indivisible Central Florida are respect and unity. We don’t fight old battles or bring up old grievances. We welcome anyone of any political party or philosophy who shares our goal.

Our members are located across the Central Florida area, from Volusia to Osceola. We rotate our meetings from one town to another to ensure everyone has an opportunity to attend a meeting close to them.

A true grassroots movement, Indivisible does not have a top-down hierarchy. We are Indivisible Central Florida in name, but we are not the sole representatives of the Central Florida area. While we would love for you to join us, we understand if you decide to join a group closer to where you live. We encourage you to visit the Indivisible Directory to find other groups in the area.

Indivisible Central Florida follows the lead of Indivisible.  Indivisible is a national movement started by former Congressional staffers who combined their knowledge to create the Indivisible Guide What’s Next. New power calls for a new strategy. Tell us you’re all in for the second half of this fight. You can get more information regarding the national movement of Indivisible by visiting their website here.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the Indivisible Central Florida chapter, contact us.